IRGC official: we should plan for destroying Israel!

General Pourjamshidian: Preserving the Islamic revolution means preserving the Islamic revolution in the general sense of the word. It means preserving the Islamic revolution in the defense field, in the military field, in the security field, in the political scene of the country, in the cultural scene, and even beyond the borders of the country. It means guarding the revolution at anytime and anywhere, in any region and in any issues in which Islamic revolution is threatened and attacked. Revolutionary guards see it as their duty to enter that scene. Preserving the revolution must be along with an advancing, progressing revolutionary movement. We must be always planning for continuing the revolution and preserving that revolutionary and lively spontaneity in all fields. Islamic revolution is not confined to the borders of the holy regime of Islamic Republic. Today, this revolution is a revolution that has been exported, just as Imam Khomeini predicted. Some people say, why do enter these scenes? What is that to you if there are problems in Syria or in Iraq? They had come up to Baghdad, up to the walls of Baghdad, and they were about to dismantle Iraqi government. These brave men felt it was their duty to go and fight courageously in Samarra. If today you as Shias of Ali bin Talib can proudly and safely go from Tabriz, Azerbaijan, Isfahan to Samarra– a province and a city which belongs to Sunnis – if you can go there for pilgrimage, it is thanks to the blood of martyrs like Shahid Akbar Zavar. The Supreme Leader – the deputy of Imam Zaman – has said there should be no signs of Israel in 25 years. What have we done so far? If we want to realize this remark of deputy of Imam Zaman – which we believe is the remark of Imam Zaman himself – this takes a lot of work. Our youths must be prepared, our men must be prepared, our women must be prepared, our government must be prepared for such conditions. They must prepare themselves for such conditions, our officials must prepare themselves for such conditions. What have we done so far? Everybody should sit and judge for himself. The Supreme Leader wasn’t just giving a slogan or saying something. This is a big task and a big strategy. It is a revolutionary atmosphere that must be created in the world of Islam. What have we done so far? We should ask: if the Zionist regime is going to be destroyed in the next 25 or 23 years, what is our duty?

[General Pourjamshidian of IRGC is talking about preserving and exporting the Islamic revolution and destroying Israel.]