Araghchi: No talks on missile, region or future of JCPOA!

Abbas Araghchi: As for what Macron has said, I made some explanations before. It is possible that Europeans – Macron and others – might be willing to hold talks with Iran regarding the region, missile program or [JCPOA] after 2025. But each negotiation has two sides. They might like many things. But in so far as Iran doesn’t agree, nothing will happen. Mr. Trump tried hard, saying this or that should happen in the region, we should talk about missile program, etc. But nothing happened. If Iran isn’t willing to enter the negotiations, it is natural that there won’t be any talks. We have explicitly told Europeans, and it is one of conditions of the Supreme Leader. JCPOA has nothing to do with anything else. It must be separated from other issues. They might have concerns, they might be interested in holding talks. But nothing will happen until we see our own interests in holding negotiations about other issues. This is natural. Our position is very clear. We will not have any negotiations or talks about missile program, about the region – except for Yemen in the framework that I said – and about future of JCPOA.