Araghchi: Iran isolated US

Abbas Araghchi: In case of JCPOA, it is unprecedented for the U.S. President Trump to make a speech, and one minute later – literally one minute after that – Mrs. Mogherini to come to TV and announce that they are against this, that they back JCPOA and that in so far as Iran remains in JCPOA, they will adhere to it as well. I hadn’t seen them taking such an open, decisive position so far. That doesn’t mean that they have separated from each other or aren’t strategic partners any longer. But it indicates that there is gap between them and we must use this gap and difference. For the first time, we have succeeded in isolating the U.S. in relation to ourselves. Before the JCPOA, it was the U.S. and the rest of the world against Iran – by the rest of the world I mean apart from few friends of ours. Now it is Iran and the rest of the world against the U.S. and few countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia that are with the U.S. This means that there is shift in the balance. Politically, this is a very big incident. I am not saying that this will compensate for lack of relationship and sanctions.

Host: This wasn’t our aim in talks.

Abbas Araghchi: Our aim is to lift sanctions. No matter how much moral victory we gain or political victory we gain, and we succeed in isolating the U.S. and sow division between the U.S. and Europe. These have happened, and that’s very good. But our aim is removing sanctions. We will remain in JCPOA to lift sanctions. Otherwise, we have no other reasons [to stay in it].