Araghchi: Missile is our red line!

Host: The statement by three European countries says that “we have started our missile and regional talks with Iran.” Do you confirm that such a thing has happened?

Abbas Araghchi: No. There have been no talks about missile issue. As for regional talks, only in one case and that is concerning Yemen. It was decided that we should have talks – not even in the form of particular negotiations – with four European countries regarding Yemen. And that was for severe humanitarian problems that exist in Yemen – economic siege, the sufferings of people due to daily bombing by Saudi regime, the suffering due to shortage of food, medicines and different kinds of diseases. So we decided to hold talks with Europeans to confront with these problems. A mechanism has been formed that is completely separate from JCPOA. There are four European countries: Britain, France, Germany, and Italy. We have started talks with them regarding JCPOA. And its team is completely different from JCPOA team and my dear colleague Jaberi Ansari heads it. That is that. Apart from this, we have had no talks in the regional issues. Missile is our red line, and we won’t enter it at all.