Iranian official compares Trump to Saddam Hussein, warns “Don’t hand over KSA and Yemen to us”

In this speech on Wednesday May 30, a senior Iranian regime cleric, Ali Ansari, accuses US President Donald Trump of being a “foolish, narrow-minded man who has broken and breached all the foundations of the dignity of nations.” Apparently forgetting the Iranian regime’s own innumerable domestic and regional crimes against the people and breaches of international law, Ansari, a member of the Assembly of Combatant Clergymen, further accuses Trump of consistently ignoring international law and acting with “obscenity and audacity”, comparing him not only to his presidential predecessors but to Saddam Hussein.

Ignoring the chaos and bloodshed which the regime and its proxies and allies have wreaked across the region, Ansari goes on to mock Trump’s claim that the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal handed Iraq to Iran “on a silver platter”, warning that Trump should not “deliver Saudi Arabia and Yemen on a golden platter” to Iran’s regime. He further claims, falsely, that the whole Middle East stands with Iran’s regime and that any effort to counter the regime will mean handing the region over to Iran again “on a silver platter.”

In his speech, Ansari says: “The United States is led by a foolish and narrow-minded man who has broken and ruptured all the foundations of the dignity of nations. He ignores all international laws one after another and mocks all the global laws, with all the obscenity and audacity of his predecessors and like Saddam Hussein, who was an experience for world powers in tearing up international agreements. The cancelation of the nuclear deal is exactly like the tearing up of the Algerian accord that we saw from Saddam Hussein. And interestingly, in his analysis and critique of past actions by US statesman [a reference to Obama’s nuclear deal], Trump says, ‘We made a big mistake and presented Iraq on a silver platter to Iran’. But we warn you yourself, Mr. Trump, watch out that you don’t deliver Saudi Arabia and Yemen on a golden platter to us. Be careful that you don’t give the whole Middle East region as a gift to the Islamic Republic of Iran because these nations are with us today. So, we fully understand our situation; we understand very well the need for the flag of guidance of the Imam for our dignity and freedom. We are well aware that our leader’s decision-making power is based on the great power of the great nation of Iran.”