‘Iranian intel monitoring Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, claims official’

Ahmed Reza Pourdastan, the head of the Iranian regime’s ‘Strategic Studies Center’

The head of the Iranian regime’s ‘Strategic Studies Center’ has boasted that Iran’s armed forces have sensitive intelligence information on regional powers’ military bases, including those of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar.

Speaking at a ceremony on Thursday, Ahmed Reza Pourdastan, the director of the Iranian military-run center, claimed that Iran does not want war and would not initiate any conflict, but vowed that any threat would be met with a “crushing response.”

The senior commander further claimed that while Iran does not seek to annex any part of the region – contradicting the regime’s previous claims that it now controls four regional nations – this does not mean that it would not develop its defense capabilities. Pourdastan also said that since Iran faces new forms of embargo under the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, it should step up its preparedness to meet the current threats.

In this footage from the ceremony, Pourdastan says, “The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran monitor all movements at [Iran’s] borders, beyond the borders and in the region. These moves and intelligence data are analyzed by experts, and defense capabilities are formed in accordance with the [perceived] threats. Today, the armed forces have good intelligence reconnaissance. Today we know how many aircraft there are in Al Dhafra Base in Emirates – we know how many aircraft are there and what types there are. We know what is in Al Aliyeh base of Qatar and what is in Shiden. We know what aircraft there are in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. We know the number of vessels in the Gulf, in the Indian Ocean, in the Mediterranean Sea. We know their types and their numbers. We even know their behaviors. We know what this U2 aircraft does when it takes off. We know the behavior of those F-22 aircraft. We know these things, and we create our own defense capacities in accordance with the enemies’ moves.”