The hypocrisy of Iranian officials in using Telegram, while filtering it for people!

[As Iran intends to filter Telegram messenger, TV host points out to the hypocrisy of officials and ministries using Telegram themselves while asking people to use the domestic messenger.]

Host: They say that those officials, ministries and those who want to create this culture [of using domestic messenger] use it [Telegram] themselves. Why do you think this is so? Is it because they cannot deal with its problems? Or is it because of other reasons?

–There is no doubt that Telegram is technically a good software. It is really a good software. I myself do not use it. But I have heard about its features (there are cases when people ask to send me something on Telegram and I tell them to send it to me if they have domestic messenger. And they do so).

There is the distance in technology. But, for example, have our officials been driving Mercedes Benz, because of technological differences between Benz and Samand? They all drive Peugeot Pars which is assembled inside the country or Samand which is manufactured in Iran.

Host: But Peugeot Pars has remained the same, while Bens has kept improving.

–I agree that we must have competition.