Iran to spend more on arms

Iranian defense minister General Hatami

[With the beginning of Iranian New Year, Iranian defense minister General Hatami is explaining about projects his ministries will work on during the upcoming year.]

Host: Greetings to you, Defense Minister. Happy new year.

Iranian Defense Minister: Thanks. Nice to see you. And greetings to the defense ministry. Let me also congratulate the new year to you and all our friends.

Host: What was the measure of defense ministry last year?

Iranian Defense Minister: The last test of Bavar 373 – our long-range air defense system – took place last year. It was one of the most conspicuous things. With that test, we now have a local long-range surface to air missile system.

Host: Who was your most favorite political figure last year?

Iranian Defense Minister: I am not political at all. Militaries should not be political. And I am not political. To me, the most conspicuous figure of last year who was not political but had a deep impact on politics in the world and the region was Shahid Hojaji.

Shaid Hojaji was martyred unjustly but authoritatively.

Host: What is a most significant measure that your ministry is going to take next year?

Iranian Defense Minister: We will boost our missile capability. Kowsar 1 that completed its initial flights last year will complete them next year.

Kowsar 88 will fly. In the field of the defense, we are working on very good projects, about which we will explain later.