The tie between Rial and Dollar must be cut!

Hassan Abbasi – former IRGC commander

[Hassan Abbasi – former IRGC commander, propagandist, conspiracy theorist – proposes unrealistic plans for the country’s economy.]

Hassan Abbasi: We should do two things to boost the economy of Islamic Republic. Two main things. If a strong revolutionary current seizes the power, it will do these two things. First, it will disconnect the relation of Iranian economy with the dollar. They say, how much trade do we have with the world? We are under sanctions and we don’t have any trade with the world. I know that. But isn’t the foundation of our money dollar?

Why should our money be based on the dollar? The tie between dollar and rials must be cut. Second, we shouldn’t print money without backing in Islamic establishment. You should consider two words as cursed. Creating money by the Central Bank and creating liquidity by banks. Creating liquidity and creating money are two treasonous acts that some people knowingly and intentionally commit in the financial system of the country. And they are causing the same catastrophe to our country that took place in the world economy.

Good people are working hard from morning till night; the more they are paid, the less they have. Because the money doesn’t have backing. It is a bubble – a big bubble. If you lean on it, it will burst. In so far as the Zionist regime in the region, the Zionist regime of the U.S. and Zionist regimes in EU follow the international Zionist rules and regulations, they will push the world towards printing money without backing.

It means “currency” instead of “money”. And they succeeded by making everyone rely on bubble-like money called the dollar. And now they are making everyone miserable. As such, they are colonializing, exploiting and making everyone fool. If we want to distance ourselves from this, there is only one way: the tie between rial and dollar must be cut. Any traitorous professor would say, we don’t have any transaction with the dollar at all. OK. So if we don’t have any transaction with dollars, we’d better cut our ties with it. Right now, our measuring tool is a dollar.