Hatred speech of Iranian regime propagandist on Yemen and Saudi

Ali Akbar Raefipour, conspiracy theorist, and Iranian regime propagandist

[Hate speech of Ali Akbar Raefipour, conspiracy theorist, and Iranian regime propagandist, against Saudis.]

Ali Akbar Raefipour: I got back from Syria four days ago. You must go and see how Shias from Syria, Lebanon, and Afghanistan are giving their lives for you. They are giving their own blood so that ISIS wouldn’t reach the Islamic Republic. And what rascals they are who don’t appreciate them. And look how some people, out of ignorance, say why we are helping Lebanese Hezbollah. Beautiful young people are getting killed! When I was there, I saw the body of 14-year-old, 15-year-old kid taken to the shrine. Three martyrs of Hezbollah. They say, our lives for Iran. Our lives in Iran. Hassan Nasrullah made a speech, saying we are one of the provinces of Islamic Republic; if you touch Iran, we will drag you in blood.

What does it mean when Hezbollah entered the Syrian war for Iran as best as possible? When they martyred our brigadier-general, Lebanese Hezbollah killed 17 Israelis. When they targeted Brigadier-General Allahdadi, Lebanese Hezbollah immediately retaliated. They then put pressure on Hezbollah, asking why you are doing this for Iran.

Ali Akbar Raefipour: These are exact words of Imam [Khomeini]. Even if we let go of the issue of Al-Quds, (and forget about it and this is one the main goal of Islamic Republic and won’t let it go… When we were fighting Saddam, we said the path to Al-Quds passes through Karbala. What does that mean? It means we haven’t lost sight of Quds, and the main target is Israel.

But now we are engaged in Iraq, we don’t get it that the path to Quds passes through Karbala, which means first Karbala, then Quds.) If we let go of the issue of Quds, if we one day let go of Saddam – who fought 8 years with us – if we let go of all people who have done us wrong, we won’t let go of the issue of Hijaz. Imam [Khomeini] says we won’t let go of House of Saudis. It means that in Imam’s eyes, House of Saudis is filthy. And that is true. Pay attention. The events in Yemen are very strange. Listen to what Imam [Khomeini] says. “God willing, we will remove griefs from our hearts by revenging on America and House of Saudis.” Imam is saying this pain is in our hearts, and we must keep it. At the right time, we will take our vengeance by celebrating the victory of righteousness over armies of kufr and hypocrisy and liberating Kaaba. What does liberating Kaaba mean? It means Kaaba is now taken, and it will be taken out of wrong hands.

House of Saudis is over. Perhaps, Yemen is the key to emergence [of Imam Zaman]. Strange events are happening in the region. Can you find someone who would say one good thing about House of Saudis? Can you? I have thought about this a lot. But I couldn’t find anything. Nothing! Any pilot who goes to Saudi’s war against Yemen – Pakistani, British, American, French, Tunisian, Egyptian pilots – they will get paid for any bomb they drop. They get paid $7,500 to $7,800, not for each flight, but for each bomb. That means 20 million tomans for pushing a button. And if they fire ten missiles, they will get two hundred million tomans during one flight.