The USA must leave the Middle East

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

In this excerpt from a recent speech by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he threatens that America’s foot will be cut off unless the US leaves the region, telling a crowd of regime loyalists that the USA is inciting civil and sectarian war and fratricide in the Middle East and globally, and insisting that “the US footprint in the West Asia region should be eradicated” and America should be forced out of the region.

Ignoring Iran’s regional wars and sponsorship of sectarian terror across the Middle East, Khamenei also accuses Saudi Arabia of inciting war against Iran, and of collusion with the USA in causing regional instability, warning that if it is incited by the USA into war with Iran, it will be defeated.

Khamenei tells the crowd, “They [the USA] themselves, they do not want to bear the cost of confronting the regime of the Islamic Republic and the powerful nation of Iran But they want to put that cost on the shoulders of neighboring countries. America’s job is creating insecurity. Wherever America has interfered in recent years, they caused insecurity, in every place, whether in the West Asia region where we are or elsewhere in the world. Wherever they’ve gone, they created insecurity or triggered civil war or fratricide. Wherever they’ve gone, they’ve brought misery to the people. That’s why the US footprint in the West Asia region should be eradicated in this region. The Americans must get out of the West Asia region.”

At this point, the regime supporters reprise their now-traditional chant, “Takbir! Allahu Akbar [God is Great]! Death to Israel!”

Khamenei then continues, “The one whose foot must be cut off here is America, not the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic is ours and we are from here, and the Gulf is our home and West Asia is our home. This is our home here, but you [Americans] are foreigners here.

It is you who came from a faraway place and you who have malicious goals, and you who are the ones who want to create sedition, so you have to leave here, and know that the foot of Americans and the rest of those who are like them in this region will be cut off.” 

At this point, the regime supporters again reprise their chants of “Allahu Akbar!”

The Supreme Leader adds, “Inciting some misunderstanding governments – what phrase should we use to describe them? – Careless governments in our region are in pushing to create conflict, fighting and strife and so on

These Americans go and sit beside the Saudis to incite them against the Islamic Republic; well, you[Americans] who are seeking to instigate against us, why don’t you use Zionists who are your servants and at the same your lords to incite them against the Islamic Republic? Why are you stirring that poor Saudis? They [Americans] would say that we are seeking to cause Muslim-on- Muslim war. One of their plans is to provoke and incite a series of countries. Now I’ve cited Saudi Arabia as an example. Inciting such countries for confrontation and pushing them to go head-to-head in confronting the Islamic Republic. These countries, if they have wisdom, they should not be deceived by this enemy. These countries if they go head-to-head in confronting the Islamic Republic, they will certainly endure a blow and be defeated”