Ahmad Khatami threatens countries of region

Ahmad Khatami, Tehran Friday mass prayer leader

[Ahmad Khatami, Tehran Friday mass prayer leader, talks about the U.S. pulling out of JCPOA, while threatening countries of the region.]

 Ahmad Khatami: The enemies of the religion are all the same. “Infidelity is all one religion”. To say no to the U.S., but yes to EU means not learning the lesson. We must learn the lesson. In so far as not fulfilling obligations goes, EU and America are pretty much the same. The Supreme Leader set a deadline. This deadline is for a couple of weeks. If they compensated it [U.S. pulling out of JPCOA], then fine. Otherwise, people will not stay in this contract. With this prudent leader of ours, our nation will pass all difficulties. Death to America. Trump, in his speech, told at least ten lies against Iranian nation. He made a lot of offenses. He made a lot of accusations. The response to these nonsenses – in leader’s words – is, “Mr. Trump, you can’t do a damn thing!” By God’s grace, we will turn crises into an opportunity. And by God’s grace, we will take the Resistance to the world stage. In this regard, holy regime of Islamic Republic of Iran will increase its missile capability to deprive Israel, this occupying regime, from sleeping at nights, so that they will have this nightmare continuously in front of their eyes that if they commit any madness, we will decimate Tel Aviv and Haifa. This is Tehran, the heart of Islamic Republic of Tehran, and this crowd unanimously shout – more gloriously than ever – Death to America. The camp of Trump’s supporters in the region are: Zionist regime, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Arab Emirates, and director general of Gulf Cooperation Council. You have become disgraceful by accompanying the Zionist regime. This stain cannot be cleaned. And I warn you that if any incident takes place in the region, you will be sacrificed to America. Just as America looted your wealth, it will plunder your lives as well.