“Who says North Korea has surrendered?”

Secretary of Iran’s National Supreme Security Council Ali Shamkhani

[Secretary of Iran’s National Supreme Security Council Ali Shamkhani talks about Trump, JCOPA, North Korea, etc.]

Reporter: Secretary of Iran’s National Supreme Security Council says success or failure of JCPOA as an international accord is a historical test for assessing how effective dialogues can be instead of conflict and to what extent international bodies can be efficient for resolving global challenges peacefully. Shamkhani also reminded US president of a point: what guarantee is there that the next US president will not disrupt the agreement with you?

Ali Shamkhani: [Trump says:] I don’t accept this agreement. Even though we participated in designing it, I don’t accept it, just because I say so. Therefore, we should do something else. Who can guarantee that if something else is done with you, then the next president will not say I don’t accept it? It isn’t something that will be rejected or accepted just because you say so. 0:57

This is an international accord, and you have to be committed to it. So far, you haven’t fulfilled your obligations in it. And you have been after disrupting the JCPOA. We most certainly have capacities to not allow coercion to be successful – just as we didn’t allow coercion to be successful in the region.

Reporter: Secretary of Iran’s National Supreme Security Council who was talking in the forum of law enforcement commanders [NAJA] mentioned enemies’ efforts to strike Islamic regime, as well as the fact that using propaganda war with big lies has become one of the most important instruments of Americans these days.

Ali Shamkhani: Now that they have media power and empire, they want to make Iranian people believe that if the unemployment rate is high, it is because of Iran’s regional presence.

In his presidential election campaign, Trump said America has spent trillions of dollars and has been defeated. And they have failed to advance their policies in the region because of Iranian people’s resistance. He [Trump] says that livelihood problems in Iran are due to Iran’s regional presence. The money spent in this domain is not significant at all. But the bigger the lie, the more acceptable. In different fields – be it national or local – you can mention many examples. Suddenly, they say North Korea has surrendered. Who says North Korea has surrendered? North Korea has achieved both ballistic missile and nuclear power. Now they are saying, let’s negotiate. There must be nuclear disarmament in the whole region. If you don’t disarm, we won’t either.