Iran is ready if US pulls out of JCPOA!

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

[With regard to possible withdrawal of the U.S. from the nuclear deal (JCPOA), Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says Iran is ready for any possible scenarios.]

 TV anchor: In the forum of government senior managers with the presence of the president and his first vice president, the priorities in the government’s agenda for the new year were discussed. The president said that with taking preemptive measure in organizing the foreign currency system, we slapped the U.S. with respect to their possible measures regarding JCPOA.

Hassan Rouhani: I am promising the people that whether there is JCPOA or not and whether there is the U.S. or not, we foiled the plot that they had designed with what we started to implement today.

Reporter: Rouhani emphasized that all necessary strategies against any decisions of Americans were thought of, and we are ready for all possible scenarios.

Hassan Rouhani: Months ago, our Atomic Energy Organization received instructions and is completely ready. It is ready for all the things they have thought of and all the things they haven’t thought of. It is ready for both and has received sufficient instructions for both.