Trump is dishonest, lack of commitment to int’l law!

Eshaq Jahangiri, the First Vice-President to Hassan Rouhani

In a show of sublime irony, a senior Iranian regime official has taken Donald Trump to task for his supposed dishonesty and lack of commitment to international law.

Speaking about the landmark 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between the regime and the P5+1 powers,  Eshaq Jahangiri,  the First Vice-President to Hassan Rouhani, said, “A person such as the President of the United States, Donald Trump, thinks it’s a great bonanza for him to speak against international laws and international treaties.  As in his own words, in order for him to milk the cow of the region, he shows that he is stubbornly opposed to Iran. He tried by talking and doing some actions to disrupt Iran’s economic sphere. He says some misleading words and these incorrect words have become a yardstick to undo world-class work. I don’t know how the president of the USA, on what basis, lies to the people of the world by claiming that after the JCPOA 150 billion dollars was given to Iran which, with this money was able to do this and that in the region, and he said three or four consecutive lies one after another.”