Banning marriage of coworkers!

Host: In subset companies of a bank, the marriage between coworkers has been banned (it is in the automation form, not on the board). If this happens, we will fire you. If previously two people have fallen in love and married, we will see to it and will fire them. At first, I didn’t believe it. Last night, I could, with a lot of difficulties, find the person who had publicized it. That person works in that subset. I asked why the letter is not on the board. That person said it is in the automation form. Anyway, I made sure it isn’t photoshopped and is authentic. [The letter reads:] “Hereby we inform all dear colleagues that ensuing the ratification by the human resources, in case two colleagues marry each other, one them must leave the company.” We so much encourage and facilitate marriage. Then what is this law? What is the reason for it? At work place, people are more mature than when they are students at universities. How come we encourage student marriages and celebrate it? Then I thought it is only for Tehran. (Now what does this image say? Look at the next image.) I thought it is only for Tehran. But it is for everywhere. It has been sent to Khorasan Razavi, to Kerman, to Bojnourd, to Sanadaj, to Yazd, to Hamadan, etc. This is very strange. And it is not clear why. Its common reason might be possible collusion. Or to put it more positively, there might be a wedding and two people might want to go on vacation at the same time. And two work forces might leave the workplace. But honestly there are no other rational reasons for it. And these two are not that reasonable either. Let me put it simply: is it better to fall in love on streets or in the workplace? In the workplace, there is more understanding, more respect, and people have a better social position. Which one is really better? And if this becomes comprehensive in all companies, it will be a disaster!

[A footage about an Iranian company banning marriages among coworkers!]