Iran brags about new military technologies!

[IRIB report about new military products of Iranian Army Aviation Force.]

Reporter: Limitation of flight at night and obstacle to controlling helicopters in low light had created weakness in some basic operations of this force and required basic updating in the technology of guiding and controlling the helicopters. The technology of night vision camera is one of the most advanced requirements of this system, and its production is in the monopoly of certain companies and countries. Designing and producing night vision system of Army Aviation Forces is one of the biggest local technological products, whose installation on all existing helicopters has had a unique impact on the operational capability of this force.

Making such products and moving towards military technology would be impossible without having scientific support and applied researches, and it needs certain knowledge. On the other hand, given the very accurate standards for military flights, logistics and maintenance of different kinds of helicopters in the country can also be considered as one of the biggest technological achievements. Another achievement of this group is producing long-range precision missile for creating effective support and attack, which has been designed and produced with respect to armed forces’ priorities.

The existence of a wide spectrum of advanced, powerful weapons that have different structures from foreign counterparts is a turning point for defenders of the sky to keep their weapons more effective and advanced than any other time.