The importance of Shiite-Sunni unity, Khamenei’s view!

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

In this recent sermon addressing a large audience of regime officials and other loyalists, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei lectures, with no apparent sense of irony, on the importance of unity and brotherhood between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

The head of the hardline Shiite regime whose sectarian forces, allies and terrorist militias have killed, terrorized and dispossessed millions of Sunnis across the Middle East region and carried out ethnosectarian cleansing on an industrial scale in Syria, Iraq and other regional countries particularly since 2011, in their efforts to control the region on behalf of the Velayat-e Faqih regime, tells his audience that Iran’s regime seeks peace and unity. The ayatollah, whose forces routinely arrest Iranian Sunnis on charges of “enmity to God” and who label Sunnis collectively as “Takfiris” and “terrorists” in order to justify crimes against humanity, suggests that those Shia and Sunni who express hostility to one another are respectively intelligence operatives of Britain’s MI6 and America’s CIA. Khamenei boasts about the regime’s supposed care for its Sunni brethren through its philanthropic generosity to Palestinians and other Sunni Muslims, although such ‘charity’ is very clearly an effort to buy the people’s loyalty to Iran’s regime and usually forms part of an effort to convert the people to the Iranian regime’s hardline form of Shiism.

In the sermon, Khamenei says: “If we stay together, if Islamic governments and Muslim nations – whether Shia or Sunni or different denominations of Shia and Sunni – are honest with one another (hearts are clean with one another), if they are not suspicious of one another – and if they do not have malevolent intentions against one another, if they do not insult one another, notice what will happen in the world and what great dignity it will be brought about for Islam. Unity, Unity!

Today – both among Sunnis and among Shias – there are some elements/hands that are working at separating Muslims from one another. If you trace these elements/hands, you will see that all of them are connected to espionage and intelligence services of the enemies of Islam – not the enemies of Iran – not the enemies of Shia Muslims only, rather the enemies of Islam – the enemies of Islam! The kind of Shiism which is connected with the MI6 of England – the kind of Sunnism which is a mercenary of the CIA of America. Neither [the first] that is Shia – nor [the second] that is Sunni. Both of them are against Islam!”

At this point, regime loyalists break into their traditional chant, as they’ve been indoctrinated to do during the Supreme Leader’s speeches, chanting, “Allah is great. Allah is great. Allah is great. Khamenei is the leader.”

Khamenei then resumes his speech, saying, “It is 35 years now that we in the Islamic Republic have been letting out this cry. We did not only speak, but we acted. The assistance that the Islamic Republic has provided to its Muslim brothers throughout the world of Islam until today – has mostly been provided to its Sunni brothers. We stood beside the Palestinians. We have stood beside the religious people of regional countries because we know that today the issue of unity is at the top of Islamic issues. I advise and I insist to well-known Ulama [scholars], outstanding personalities of the world of Islam and politicians of the world of Islam that they do not speak so much about discord/disunity. Groups of people are spending money in order to promote Islamophobia – to damage the reputation of Islam. And we ourselves are internally trying to damage and degrade one another’s reputation/face, to frighten people from one another. This is against wisdom – this is against politics.

I have heard that some regional governments have based their foreign policy on confronting Iran. Why [should they do this]? This is against reason. This is against wisdom. This is an idiotic course of action. Why should someone make such a great mistake? We are on the contrary. We have based our foreign policy on friendship and brotherhood and friendly relations with all Muslim and regional countries, both those which are our neighbors and those which are not. This is our policy. We have acted in the same way until now and we will act in the same way in the future. Thanks to Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, today the people of Iran have gained this understanding – awareness – this deep knowledge that they know the future interest of their country depends on Islamic unity – unity with other Muslim nations and countries. Our nation has understood this today. Of course, some people are trying very hard, making efforts to create obstacles in the way [of this unity], to arouse suspicions, to tempt/create suspicions in the people – but our people have thanks to Allah, may He be glorified and exalted [understood this today]. This cry of our magnanimous Imam [Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic], may Allah be pleased with him – both before the victory of the revolution and after the formation of the Islamic government – about the issue of unity – paid off and our people became aware. This is the responsibility of everyone. Today, all Muslims throughout the world should think about the Islamic Ummah, should think about Islamic unity. If we think of the Islamic Ummah, the interests of our countries will be safeguarded as well.”