Iran marks National Army Day

This is Khatam Anbiya Air Defense Base with the Iranian military trucks carry part of surface-to-air missiles during a parade on the occasion of the country’s annual army day on April 18, 2018.

Reporter: The vehicles carrying communication system, command communication link, audio and visual communication of commanders with forces, designing and building software by Ground Forces of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran domestically.

We are the inheritors of deaths while smiling; we are reminders of waves of Arvand River; my friend, what honor is higher than this? We are the children of unique eagles.

We are witnessing the parade of the units of air defense base of ever-vigilant heroes of Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Today air defense is one of most effective units amidst all military organizations in the country for defending the people, independence, and glory of Iran (Iranian Commander-in-Chief). Air defense forces with their headbands saying “Ya Abbas” and “Ya Zeinab” are in trenches that are closer to the sky, and they defend the air and space of this divine land with their ever-vigilant eyes.

And they will defeat humiliatingly any criminal who invades the sky of this land. According to International Civil Aviation Organization, they have made Iran’s sky one of the safest skies in western Asia. These are followers of Hossein who are waving the flag of devotion and love like Abbas in the sky of love and loyalty. By intercepting the ominous espionage aircraft of Zionists, by forcing to land the airplane that was carrying NATO’s militaries, by monitoring the sky with integrated air defense system, and by deploying the air defense capability of armed forces of Islamic Republic of Iran and managing the scene of air defense battle during arresting the U.S. Marines, they show their love for their beloved.

One of the good things that they do in air defense base is cooperating with defense ministry, IRGC, and universities (Iranian supreme leader). As such, our wise leader says that the enemy must know that in case they attack, they will be hit back.