More war equipment for Iranian Army Aviation

IRIB reports about new military equipment unveiled before Army’s Day in Iran.

TV anchor: Welcoming Army’s Day with new achievements to further develop Army Aviation’s capability. Army Aviation is the strong arm of Ground Forces in defending and protecting borders of great Islamic Iran. On the threshold of Army’s Day, 3 local achievements of Army Aviation were unveiled around Tehran on a snowy day. Hosseini gives you the details.

–The range of Cobra rockets has become twofold. Rockets on Cobra helicopters – which were Tau with 3 to 4 kilometers range – are replaced by Shafagh rockets with 8 to 12 kilometers range, which will be very effective in combats and threats.

Previously, when Tau rockets were fired, we had to guide them to the target. But this rocket, when fired, will automatically hit the target.

–In a non-classic war, we can transfer forces and troops with this helicopter, and we can also engage with the enemy at different positions.

–In such a way that we can see in the light of stars, and we don’t need any other light. Both ultra-red and thermal systems have been installed.

TV anchor: Three local achievements of Army Aviation were unveiled, including rockets with 8 to 12 kilometers range, making night vision cameras operative and installing them on helicopters, and equipping different kinds of helicopters with rocket launchers and helicopter machine guns.