A massive attack against border guards in eastern Iran

[An IRIB report about attacks against a border tower in the eastern border of Iran.]

Reporter: Quds Base of IRGC Ground Forces announced decisive action of defenders of Islamic Iran and foiling today’s morning attack by terrorists against a border tower in the border region of Mirjaveh. The statement of Quds Base says that in this attack, 3 terrorists were killed and some of them were wounded and escaped. Two Basijis and a border guard were martyred and two were injured.

TV anchor: The border and Basij forces, indecisive and timely action, foiled the terrorists’ attack against border tower in the border region of Mirjaveh.

–At 1 a.m., on April 17, 2918, Jaish ul-Adl group, using Pakistan’s soil, attack against one of the border towers, where border guards were located. They intended to occupy the tower, blow it up and take border guards who were in the tower as captives so that they can use them in their later propaganda.

With bravery of the border guards who were in that tower, this group was defeated. During the heavy engagement which lasted several hours, two border guards were martyred. Auxiliary forces from IRGC were immediately deployed to the region, and within 20 minutes from the beginning of the engagement, auxiliary forces reached the region.

They didn’t allow that group to realize its intention. But because of the trap that was set there before, one of the vehicles of auxiliary forces hit the trap, as a result of which two of IRGC forces were martyred and two others were injured. And one individual was injured in the tower itself. The condition of the injured has been stabilized so far.