Fars Province dilemma and regime intention to divide it

This footage shows the people of the town of Kazerun and surrounding village’s n Fars province at a massive protest on Thursday, March 29 against regime plans to impose an unpopular new governor and potentially to divide the ancient city.

The protest in Kazerun is part of a rolling wave of unrest across Iran as public resentment grows at worsening economic conditions, rising prices, and regime corruption and brutality, with the regime’s effort to crush the demonstrations adding further to public anger with the leadership.

Expressing the widespread local anger at the regime’s appointment of a new governor, Ebrahim Osrovar, which residents fear is a precursor to dividing the city into two, the protesters in Kazerun carried a large banner stating ‘Kazerun’s natural historical and religious roots are not detachable from its center’, chanting “We don’t want an enforced governor.”

The March protest followed an earlier demonstration in the city on February 26 when more than 500 protesters gathered in front of the governorate headquarters to protest against plans to divide Kazerun into two separate cities, with reports stating that two large neighborhoods of the city, Chenarshezjan, and Nodan, will be declared a separate city.

The people of Kazerun say that the move to divide the city threatens its historic Shapur identity dating back to Imam Zadeh Syed Hossein and connecting it with the forests of the Barm valley. Demonstrations against the regime’s plan to divide the city began last summer, with a large protest in the man city center square attracting 1,500 protesters who chanted anti-regime slogans.