Seditionists must be confronted!

Yusef Tabaeenejad, Isfahan’s Friday prayer leader

 [Yusef Tabaeenejad, Isfahan’s Friday prayer leader, threatens the Isfahani farmers who have been continuously demonstrating for the right to water. Isfahani farmers have held numerous gatherings and demonstrations for the shortage of water that seriously affects their lives.]


Isfahan’s Friday prayer leader: You don’t have the right to say somebody’s name in Telegram and say whatever you want about him. I don’t think that those who are demonstrating are our dear religious, revolutionary farmers, and it can be understood from their slogans that they have ill-intentions. Saying “not Syria” and “not Lebanon” is not Islamic, and even saying bad things about officials is not Islamic. Therefore, they should know that they don’t have water in mind, and they are mischievous. They must drive away the seditionists from themselves. If not, they will be confronted.