Religion’s role in management is unacceptable!

Hassan Abbasi – former IRGC commander, conspiracy theorist and regime’s propagandist

[Hassan Abbasi – former IRGC commander, conspiracy theorist and regime’s propagandist – talks about how Islamic Republic managers do not believe in using Islamic mandates -in this case regarding usury in the banking system – in managing the country.]

Hassan Abbasi: Majority of managers in do not have – and has never had – any belief in religion in the domain management. You have seen an instance in past 5 or 6 years. Hundreds of times the religious figures said that the banking system in the Islamic Republic is based on usury. One of the impacts of usury is what you just saw. They very easily played with the country’s financial power and the issue of rial and dollar, as a result of which the government lost control inside the country and one dollar became 5,800 tomans.

But when religious authorities were crying in their lessons two years, shouting that the system is based on usury, you couldn’t find anyone in the Parliament with 300 representatives or anyone in the government whose issue was that of religion. When the president who is a cleric is absent, who do you think will be the leader for saying a prayer? Governor of the Central Bank. The Governor of Central Bank who is trained by the western liberal system will lead the prayer whenever there is no cleric in the government cabinet to lead the prayer.

But such a person who will lead the prayer didn’t once mention or listen to words of religious authorities about the system being based on usury.