“Today our nation is independent”

Ali Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader

As Ali Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader staunchly defended the revolution, he asserted it was the public demand of this people during the revolution.

The leader added the revolution was a response by the people to more than 200 years of alien domination over this country.

It would great if our truth-seeking and researching youth pay attention to, he continued.

He said the revolution made the country free and independent, asserting the hegemonic powers dominated this country for 200 years before the revolution.

“The Iranian administration ruled the country over the shadow of alien states, he explained.

The Qajari dynasty was assured by the Tsarist Russia, Khamenei, who has the final say over the Iranian policies and amass powers in his hand, recalled.

“During the Iran-Russia wars, in the Treaty of Turkmenchay, Abbas Mirza dealt with Russia to stay in charge of Iran with Qajar dynasty. This means that the Qajari dynasty shall stay in power under the Russian mandate, he continued, as he accused former regimes of being puppets to alien nations.

“At a point, the government of Britain and Tsarist Russia agreed on dividing Iran into two parts between them, he went on to add.

“Convention of 1907, one part was under the British control and the other part was under the Russian domination. A third part was left to be independent. After that, the British put Reza Khan in charge,” the leader stated.

Focusing on one line of his rhetoric, defaming predecessors and glorifying his own regime, he said the British also are those who exiled him, putting the Shah in place of him.

“Then the Americans appeared on the scene on August 19 in 1953. They re-established monarchy through a putsch, he noted as he lashed out at foreign meddlers who according to him damaged the country.

“Across these years, our leaders were appointed to office and removed therefrom by these powers,” Khamenei affirmed.

“We have suffered this much from colonialism. So it has become a public demand from the Iranians to get rid of it and gain independence.”

He claimed: “Today no country has the equal political independence to Iran,” asserting each state on this planet has some kind of consideration to the superpowers in some way or another,

Iran is the state which none of its elections are affected by world powers’ influence. Therefore, independence has been preserved, the supreme leader reiterated.