Social networks and injustice

Grand Ayatollah Yousef Saanei

[Grand Ayatollah Yousef Saanei defends using social networks to inform the world of injustice and crimes committed by the oppressors.]

Ayatollah Yousef Saanei: Let me say that we should thank God and must be grateful to God that they once did injustice, beat and arrested [people] and committed crimes, no one knew about it or realized it. But today due to progress in human sciences and virtual communication [social networks], if anything takes place, they will realize it abroad.

And this is terrible for the oppressors. And that is because they want to do injustice and be hypocritical about it. It means that they wanted to appear just, pure, religious, God-fearing and righteous; at the same time, they wanted to commit a thousand crimes.