Israel has launched a war on Iran with Homs base attack

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah

In this typically bombastic speech broadcast on the Iranian regime’s ‘’ TV station, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah tells Israel that it has entered into war with Iran by killing seven Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) soldiers in an attack on an Iranian military base in Syria’s Homs province last week, threatening that Israel will “face the Islamic Republic of Iran directly”.

Although Nasrallah claims implausibly that he is not a spokesman for the Iranian regime, his status and the fact that the message is being broadcast on an Iranian regime-backed station based in Iran makes it clear that he is speaking as a proxy for the regime.

It’s noteworthy that at no point in his tirade does Nasrallah mention Bashar al Assad whose regime Hezbollah has supposedly fought to save since 2012, with the whole speech being concerned solely with Israel and Iran, whose regime is not the de facto occupier of Syria along with Russia. He also doesn’t mention the slaughter, torture, crimes against humanity and dispossession of millions of Syrians perpetrated by Assad, Russia, Iran’s regime and its proxies, deeming Syrians’ lives secondary to those of Iranian troops.

In the speech, Nasrallah says: “Two events happened during this week which are still effective. The first one was the clear and obvious assault on Syrian land by Israel attacking the T4 base near Homs, in which they targeted Iranian Quds forces with lots of missiles, resulting in the martyrdom of seven Quds Force officers and several injured. Although people might not know, it was a very important and unprecedented event. In this incident, Israel committed the murder of Iranian forces, which is something unprecedented. For instance, once Israel targeted our [Hezbollah’s] forces with missiles in Quneitra; one of the Quds Forces officers was with us. Later Israelis claimed they didn’t know it! They said, “We were unaware of his presence. We thought they were all Hezbollah members.” So this recent event is unprecedented in the seven-year Syrian crisis, in which Israel targets and murders Iranian IRGC forces clearly and obviously in Syria. Of course, it’s the Iranian authorities in charge of the decision on this situation. They will announce what they want to do. I’m not in the position of their spokesman. But as the [head of] Hezbollah, presents an active in the region, I want to say to Israelis: ‘you should know by this clear bombing – Because unfortunately, you see them lying. Lieberman, the Israeli War Minister, said: ‘I don’t know who attacked the T4 base!”, while the American, Russian and Lebanese governments declared it was Israelis – yet the Minister of War doesn’t know!

I wrote this speech and I read it from the paper to be precise and exact in delivering the message to Israelis: ‘You should know that you made a historical mistake. Not an unremarkable mistake. You should know that you’ve done a very big foolish act. You have entered yourself in a direct war with the Islamic Republic of Iran with this transgression. The Zionists should know that Iran is not a tiny, weak and cowardly state. This recent event was a turning point for conditions in the region. The situation differs before and after this event. It’s not possible to close eyes to this event like many others in the region. So it’s a historical turning point. When Israelis committed this foolishness, they had an evaluation. And I tell them, ‘Your evaluation is wrong!’ And about the future, I tell them, ‘You have opened up a new path in the conflict. So don’t miscalculate in this new path because you’ll face the Islamic Republic of Iran directly. Period. That’s sufficient for now.”