Syrian regime remained stand!

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has questioned the results of the US-led airstrike carried out on Saturday at dawn jointly with France and the UK.

He said: “Just look at the missiles that Trump called them beautiful and smart.”

What could they do? Nothing! Zero benefits from them, he added.

He also claimed the Israeli reports on the targets hit by the strike is baseless

“The American, French and British bombers came to destroy Syrian Air Force, Syrian Air Defense, IRGC bases and Hezbollah forces but they failed, he went on to say, asserting this is an Israeli propaganda.

If the target was Syrian infrastructure, they have failed there as well, Nasrallah reiterated.

If their goal was to pressure Syrian government and its allies to push back from their ground regarding political matters, the explicitly Iran-backed figure said.

I believe the recent event, the West attack on Syria, closed the door for settling the issues politically, the group leader affirmed.

“It complicated the solution even more.”

Nasrallah confirmed it has complicated international relations and Geneva talks.

“And the last thing they may say is that: We did not target Syrian government or army, but Syrian installations,” he said in a speech that glorified Bashar and his regime.

“Brothers, there were no chemical installations or weapons in Syria. These are hoaxes, false flags, and false accusations. And I tell you these accusations will continue.” He said as he defended the Iranian regime.

He also branded the attack as a chemical show that may be repeated each time a victory is achieved in the future.

Nasrallah likened what he called claims on Syrian chemical weapons to the Iranian nuclear program.

IAEA has admitted and clarified that Iran is not making nuclear bombs, he continued.

Ayatollah Khamenei, who is the religious and political leader, says all the time: manufacturing and using of nuclear bombs is haram, forbidden by God, the leader argued, stating all the experimental and visual analysis indicates Iran is not trying to make or have nuclear weapons.

“They have sanctioned Iran and punished Iran for not even a single acceptable reason.”

Now based on similar accusations they managed to attack Syria. It is your choice, so be it, the Shia militia leader stressed.

You have bombed the air, he said in a satirical tone.

He questioned the strike, saying: The last important point I want to mention here. Why were these attacks this much limited?”

He accused Arab countries of funding the strike.

“We all know that Arab countries gave billions of dollars to Trump in last months to make full attacks on Syria and destroy the presidential palace in Damascus.”

We know that Zionist Lobby in America did their best to push America into a full-scale war here. But what happened? But why did not this happen?

He argued what he called the failure of the strike was due to major disputes and disagreements existing between American politicians and military advisers in Pentagon.

What does it mean? He wondered.

“America military experts know that entering into a massive war on big operations in Syria against the Syrian army and its allies is like entering an endless war, Nasrallah went on to claim.

Pentagon and American generals are responsible now. They are responsible for their forces and bases in the region. They also know that such operations will burn the whole region, the militia leader concluded.