Iran has defeated USA, Israel, NATO!

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, a prominent Iranian regime theorist and member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution

In this 2016 speech, Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, a prominent Iranian regime theorist and member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, boasts that Iran’s forces and proxies across the region have “defeated all the United States, NATO and Israel, and the corrupt regimes in the region”, a reference to Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states. He also claims that Iran has changed the destiny of the region, boasting of the regime’s military presence in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

In the speech, delivered to students of the Imam Ali Officers’ University, Iran’s main military academy, on the occasion of the regime’s annual National Army Day, Azghadi, a notorious regime hardliner, said, “Now our military advisors are in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine’s Gaza Strip, Iraq, and Afghanistan, all over these countries; without even being directly on the scene they have defeated all the United States, NATO and Israel, and all the corrupt regimes in the region. This is not a joke. Both the peoples of Syria, Iraq, and Yemen and also their leadership officials said that if it were not for the assistance of Iranian military advisors then all of the Syria, Iraq, and Yemen would have been under the control of the gangs of America, Israel, and the Saudis. 

These are high scores for us. Our military advisors in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and in addition to the involvement of the IRGC and the forces of the Iranian army there, our forces caused the military fate of the region and the world to be changed because in Syria there is a war going on in which 70 to 80 countries from around the world are involved…and all are saying that our military advisors saved and helped those forces who came there from different countries.So, well, our military advisors should be the best examples, and we have commanders who are anonymous and nobody has heard their names; one of these commanders became well-known, but he deserves this since it is because of our guys’ strategies that resulted in the liberation of Aleppo.The strategies and tactics of our guys have preserved the integrity of Syria and Iraq. Yemen was in the fist of al Saudis and the Americans, but they have lost their grip now along with Gaza an Lebanon as Israel’s suffered four consecutive defeats which are unprecedented in its history, and this is because of the presence of our guys that Israel was defeated at the hands of our officers and commanders who remained anonymous an nobody knows them.”