Hezbollah a primary factor in regional destabilization

This news report concerns the latest assessment from the White House, which has identified the Iranian proxy militia Hezbollah as being one of the most significant factors in destabilizing the Middle East region.

The newsreader introduces the report, saying, “Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia is one of the most significant factors in destabilizing the region. This is not just an expression or fatwa but a fact proved by the party’s actions. The case for disarming the Lebanese militia is now on the table at the US Congress.

Two representatives in Congress one Democratic and one Republican, have presented a bill calling on the Central Intelligence Agency to assess Hezbollah’s military capabilities and the illicit means it uses to make money and obtain weapons. The bill cites previous Security Council resolutions regarding Hezbollah in Lebanon. Calls for disarming Hezbollah at the US Congress are not new, but the timing of this call coincides with a US commitment to confront the Iranian regime and its arms in the region which is a new issue on the table of all the governmental and political organs of the United States, at the top of which is Donald Trump.

The resolution asserts that Hezbollah militias are a threat to the United States and its interests and allies through Hezbollah’s armed interventions in various conflicts, such as its interferences in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. This is without including the role of Hezbollah in destabilizing Lebanon’s political and security affairs. Hezbollah militants have been fighting alongside Bashar al-Assad’s military forces for many years and play an important role in the Syrian regime’s killing and displacement of the Syrian people, committing many such crimes against them. In Yemen, there is credible evidence of which Hezbollah militants are involved in the Houthi training, with the Iranian regime directing both of these militias within the framework of its support for terrorism.”