Houthi leader threatens more attacks on Saudi Arabia!

Abdul Malik Houthi, the leader of the terrorist Houthi militia in Yemen

In this Arabic-language speech broadcast live on an Iranian state TV news channel with simultaneous Farsi translation on Wednesday, March 28th, Abdul Malik Houthi, the leader of the Yemeni Houthi militia, vows that the Iranian proxy militia will continue to target Saudi Arabia. He boasts that the Houthis are now equipped with an advanced missile system that will penetrate the Saudi defenses, the clearest indication to date that the Houthis are effectively an Iranian-armed proxy.

In his speech, Abdul Malik Houthi says, “We have new solutions and I’ll talk about them in the future. Some people thought they should remain silent and not even confront them [Saudi Arabia], but we aren’t like this and we can’t be silent. We’ll confront them with every last drop of our blood until our very last breath with whatever God’s given us. We need to increase our military capability and our deterrent capability.”

“We must change the tactics of our war, and we must surprise them. The richest countries in the region attacked and invaded the poorest countries in the region, committing aggressions and brutalities there, but they couldn’t defeat these poor barefoot people. We are ready as we’ve just entered the fourth year of the war; we’re coming up with missile systems as we’ve become more advanced, and our missile system will penetrate all of your missile defence systems, whether these missile defence systems are American or non-American [a reference to the Russian S-400 missile defence system recently bought by the Saudis]. We have the Badr and Borkan missile systems; also we’re going to reveal another missile system. We’re ready for confrontation as we enter the fourth year of the war, with UAV’s [drones] that we manufactured ourselves – these UAV’s have a long-range target radius and a high level of military capability.”

“O occupiers, wait for us in the fourth year of aggression and occupation, and you’ll see how we’re going to surprise you, and you’ll see our brave warriors on the battlefield, who are loyal, moral, strong-willed, and we’ll come for the confrontation of our own will in this fourth year. And you’ll see what these mercenaries drove us to and what the situation will be like when they fall into desolation and humiliating conditions on Yemeni soil as we wrest control of many of the areas, and we know what is going on there.”