Iranian products, a technical project to be supported

Ruzbeh Kardooni, Consultant to Labor Minister

[Iranian supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, called the new Iranian year “support for Iranian products”. In this footage, Ruzbeh Kardooni, Consultant to Labor Minister, talks about the necessity of bigger changes to make Iranian products acceptable to the people.]

Ruzbeh Kardooni: My understanding is that supporting Iranian products is more than an economic-technical project; it must be taken as a social, cultural, and even psychological project. As you mentioned, the outlet of supporting Iranian products is when people accept and buy Iranian products. It means that it has a very clear outlet. People must be convinced to accept and buy a certain product.

Acceptance of a product follows certain rules. And it has to do with mental ideas, beliefs, perceptions and people’s mentality towards that certain product. I paid attention to the supreme leader’s remarks, and he said something interesting. He said that one of the most significant problems in the country is mental challenges. And I think that one of the main conditions of success in supporting Iranian products is to reach a point that we can make a change in people’s ideas and beliefs to make them accept Iranian products.

Usually, people accept, reject or just tolerate products. And with different policies, different campaigns, and dialogues – and with what must be done by related officials – we should be able to convince the people or consumers to accept and buy Iranian products.