Iran can resume 20% uranium enrichment within 4 days

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi said on Sunday that the body is capable of resuming its previous 20 percent uranium enrichment level at its Fordo nuclear facility in just four days if the USA decides to abandon the landmark 2015 deal.

“If senior Islamic Republic officials issue an order to resume the 20 percent enrichment, we can do it in Fordo within 4 days,” Salehi told reporters in Tehran.

Salehi said that this statement should be viewed by “the other side” (the USA) as a warning against abandoning the nuclear deal, adding that Iran can even show more extensive progress in other parts of its nuclear activities which exceed its previous levels.

Iran’s regime warned last July that it has the capability to restore its uranium enrichment operations and even develop its capacity to 100,000 SWUs (Separative Work Units) if the nuclear deal with the world powers fails, supposedly as a result of US non-compliance with its undertakings in certifying on the deal.

In this bulletin from a state-run news agency, the newsreader says, “AEOI head Ali Akbar Salehi said on Monday, April 9, 2018, during the National Nuclear Technology Day, that 83 achievements will be unveiled in various fields of industry, exploration, and extraction of nuclear materials and research linked to centrifuge technology.”

Iranian news reader. “Salehi says that the other side knows that when we Iranians say we can, it implies that we certainly can“.

Salehi further told the reporters “If we at the Atomic Energy Organization are like an army, then we need to be prepared. If senior Islamic Republic officials issue an order to resume the enrichment, we can manage 20 percent enrichment in Fordo nuclear facility within 4 days,”

In a thinly veiled threat, he went on, “Look; Fordo facility has its own message, 20 percent enrichment has its own message, and 4 days has its own message”.

The newsreader adds, “The vice president [Ali Akbar Salehi] also warned the Europeans not to go along with a possible US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”.

Salehi concluded, “This is the same United States, which has convinced the European Union’s countries to agree to the same deal that we have now, even as sometimes occurred, it was hard to get France to give its approval in many cases related to the JCPOA deal – and now this same USA is telling them to withdraw from the deal. So if they are supposed to accompany the United States in pulling out of the deal, well then it really would mean that Europe is not an independent entity and it revolves around the political orbit of the United States and doesn’t have any independence, and really this would be politically humiliating for Europe.”