Why helping Hezbollah!

Iranian regime propagandist Hassan Abbasi

[Iranian regime propagandist Hassan Abbasi reasons why Iran should help Lebanese Hezbollah to fight as its proxy.]

Hassan Abbasi: My response to the youth who asked why we should help Lebanon and other places was this: you buy a submarine for $150 million. And at military drills, you see how beautiful it is, and it moves in the water. Do you know when the war breaks out, it will be targeted before it leaves Bandar Abbas and Bushehr and from such a distance that we would never know who did it? But instead of spending $150 million on a submarine, you can reason like this.

If you pay one million dollars to a guerrilla organization each year, you have done a cultural work, you have helped them grow by using your language, and you have created a community. And then at the right time, they will be your proxy (Go and search this word, because they themselves are using it). And it won’t be for one or two days. Iraqi army with 1 million soldiers could last only 21 days against the U.S.

For 34 days, the group [Hezbollah] that received your financial helps kept Israel behind the gate of Lebanon. Let me ask the youth: Do you understand what that means?

Hassan Abbasi: Of course, the country has problems, poor people, homeless people, unemployed people. And it has a ministry for it. But why do you say that a part of defense ministry’s budget should go there? The country needs to be defended. Why do you pay health ministry’s budget in full? Because defending the body is important – vaccination, etc. These are for defending the body. National defense is also defending the body of the nation.