Iran to launch 3 satellites into space!

Telecommunication Minister Azari Jahroomi

[A report by Iranian state-run TV about Iranian satellites ready to be launched.]

TV anchor: Day for celebrating national capability in space technology. In a ceremony to celebrate the best in space technology of the country, minister of telecommunication said 3 satellites built by Iranian experts are in line to be launched into space.

Telecommunication Minister Azari Jahroomi: One is Doosti Satellite which is a measuring satellite built by students and professors of Sharif University in the research center of Sharif University. This satellite is ready to launch. This satellite, with measuring functions, can be very effective particularly in the field of agriculture and environment.

More important than its practical achievements, it is the fact that Iranian scientists compensated for many fields in which we had shortcomings and were sanctioned. And this is the first time that this satellite with such capacities is going to be tested in the orbit.