The USA will regret any decision to cancel Iran deals

Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani

Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, issued a stark warning to US president Donald Trump on Monday (April 9), saying that America would regret any effort to withdraw from the landmark 2015 nuclear treaty and would “witness the fallout” within a week if they do withdraw from it.

In this speech at a ceremony held to mark Iran’s 12th National Nuclear Technology Day, which was attended by senior officials from regional and international countries, Rouhani says, “If the deal breaks, they [the U.S. Government] will surely regret it. They will witness the fallout in under a week.”

He said, “Last year we opened over forty nuclear technology projects and we witnessed the achievements attained from these projects. This year 83 projects are to be initiated. This indicates that we have continued and will continue our path to scientific technology. To help regional nations, we confront terrorism. We have broken the terrorists’ backs and the backs of those who wanted to use them as tools in the region; we do not need to ask for permission from someone to conduct research in the field of nuclear technology, we don’t have to ask for permission for pursuing technology, but of course we are ready for cooperation. If they [the USA] violated the nuclear deal, they would surely regret it. Because our readiness is greater than they think [a veiled warning that the Iranian regime’s response to any attack would be stronger than the US imagines] and they would see that within a week or less than a week, and they would see its effects.”