Houthi terrorists acknowledge a debt to Khomeini

[A footage about how Yemeni rebels look for their inspiration in Khomeini.]

–God is great! Death to America! Death to Israel

–This is wise to say that if Yemenis had continued chanting this slogan for a week, America would have changed its strategy and method, and Yemen wouldn’t have become the den of terrorists.

–Everyday this slogan became more and more widespread, and the youths would chant this slogan in Sanaa and then would go to Abdullah Saleh’s prisons. And then the week after, other youths chanted this slogan again and went to jail.

–He revived Imam Khomeini’s vision. He believed that Imam [Khomeini] is the follower of the path of Ahl al-Bayt [Prophet of Islam’s family]. In his strategies that comprise of 100 booklets,

he has mentioned Imam Khomeini’s name more than 54 times and has praised him. He introduced Imam as a model, telling the youths to look at Imam Khomeini and Iranian people who created a movement and succeeded.