U.S. Dollar Rate vs. Telegram

U.S. Dollar Rate vs. Telegram

–They make me sick.

Reporter: Who?

–The government.

Reporter: Why?

–Can I say it? You are not going to broadcast it anyway. Dollar is 5,800 tomans today, gold coin is 1,900,000 tomans today and then our problem is [filtering] Telegram? Is this a life? What does that mean? When I saw your camera, I thought you might ask me about anything but this.

–What is it about?

Reporter: It is about Telegram.

–I don’t think it is useful to majority of people or, as they say, is the main concern of the people. The main concern of the people is that every day the price dollar and gold coin goes up. And people are upset because of it.

–Last night I went to bed and dollar was 5,000 tomans. This morning it is 5,600 tomans.

–5,800 tomans.

–Why is this [Telegram] important?

–It is the price of dollar that changes people’s lives drastically. Then they want to stop the Telegram?

–They can’t do anything about dollar, so they want to deal with Telegram instead?

–I had a heartache today in the market. When I entered the market this morning, the dollar was 5,300 tomans, but now it is 5,900 tomans. At 10 a.m. it was 5,300 tomans. Now it is 4 p.m. and it 5,900 tomans. And then our country’s problem is Telegram?

–Let them take away Telegram completely but take care of the people instead. Is Telegram really our problem? Take away Telegram and WhatsApp and Instagram. Instead, they should take care of people. Is Telegram really the main problem of the people?

–Then you asked about Telegram. I don’t know. But if you tell me what my main problem is now, I would definitely not say that my priority is Telegram, even though I use it.

–It seems that for the government, the issue of Telegram and such issues are more important than economic issues.

–I have question from the officials, or, rather, I have a question from the people. Don’t you think that the issue of Telegram is for confusing the people? So that right now I would start thinking about not having Telegram and not being able to inform my husband where I am. And then I would forget that dollar has become 6,000 tomans and forget that the gold coin has become 1,900,000 tomans. Is it not so?

–Think of people. Right now, I will become counter-revolutionary. When there was bloodshed here, I used to make food and sandwiches and gave them to people. We collected stones to make the revolutions succeed.

[A report about ordinary people’s reaction to changes in foreign currency market and filtering Telegram messenger.]