Iran giving the fishing right to Chinese, while citizens without jobs


Saeed Ghassemi, former IRGC commander

[Saeed Ghassemi, former IRGC commander and diehard supporter of the regime, is criticizing Rouhani government for giving the fishing right to Chinese, while the locals are living a miserable life themselves.]

Saeed Ghassemi: [They said] We will open the islands, we will make them all prosperous. From Mina to Chahbahar, they haven’t had a permit for fishing in the past few months. Who did they give the fishing right to? The Chinese! The Chinese came with advanced machinery. Let’s not talk about who they gave the right to and where their offices and organizations are!

They are vacuuming the bottom of the sea, like a vacuum cleaner. [They take] the fish with their eggs. It means that after a while, Bandar Abbas fishermen will say there is no fish any longer. The traditional Lenj builders have become miserable here. The Lenj construction workshops are being shut down one after the other.

–It is obvious who is behind these high treasons.

Saeed Ghassemi: Those who live in those neighborhoods behind the city of Bandar Abbas, those who live in Khajeh Atta neighborhood, should know that there is no sign of fishes and their eggs.

People of Qeshm have to go and smuggle gasoline. People of Hormozgan go and get killed at sea, as a result of which there will be Dolphin market with two stars or eight stars. Even the sellers are Chinese. From hair remover to gravestones, the sellers are Chinese. They have built a factory over the sea to get stones and pollute the sea. They cut the stone and deliver it to us here. The trash is floating all over the sea for producing gravestones!