We have inherited burnt land!

Iranian activist Mehdi Khazali

[Iranian activist Mehdi Khazali compares Iran’s condition before and after the Islamic revolution.]

Mehdi Khazali: They stayed and worked. After the revolution, our country was damaged very little. In the beginning, Shah saw the march on Ashura day and said, “these people do not want me.” Unlike Saddam Hossein, he didn’t kill his people or destroy the country. And unlike Bashar Assad, he did not hand over a burnt land. Our land was intact. But now we have inherited a burnt land [from the Islamic Republic].

Emirate’s economy has become a rival for our economy. And take a look at the countries of the Gulf. Did they have anything to say against Iran’s economy [before Iranian revolution]? I have heard that when Shah had got angry with Sheikh Mohammad, he had taken a ticket that day to come to apologize to Shah. This was our position.