Cleric foresees sectarian future!

In this footage, a cleric is envisaging a sectarian future in which IRGC conquers Al-Quds

–The future of the regime is obvious. The future of the revolution is to give the flag of victory to him [Imam Zaman]. Imam [Khomeini] said it many times. Ali ibn Abi Taleb said it 13 centuries ago. He said: “Our Shias will rise in Iran” (This is a reliable tradition. In Ayat al-Sadat, this tradition is recorded with translation and details). “All Arabs will unite and attack Shias in Iran. And they come as far as Ahvaz.”

This was said 13 centuries ago. He then said: “Our Shias will unite and will push back the Arabs”. He didn’t say Saddam or Hijaz. [He said] Arabs. In [Iran-Iraq] war, all Arabs helped Saddam. “Then our Shias will become victorious.” There are issues that should not be focused on too much here.

In this tradition, Ali ibn Abi Taleb says: “Our Shias come from Iran and conquer Iraq.” Now we don’t know when this will happen. “From Iraq, they will launch the final attack towards Al-Quds. They will behead Jews like chickens. And not a single Jew will be left in Palestine.”

Then they will give the flag to Imam Zaman. Then he said the word “strength” is written on their flags. It is interesting. The IRGC flag was designed by our brother designers and wrote this verse from Quran on it: “Against them make ready your force” and took it to Imam [Khomeini].

He signed it, and it was approved and became IRGC official emblem and flag. That is interesting. Later we talked to the designer, asking him if he had heard of this tradition. He said no. 13 centuries ago, Ali ibn Abi Taleb had said that the word “strength” is written on their flags. We asked the designer, how did you do it then? He said it came to my mind. What is the future of the revolution? We have given martyrs. This revolution is an exception. It must be connected to Imam Zaman. And it will be connected to it.