Rent seeking in Iranian auto industry

A footage about rent-seeking in Iranian car industry

–They produce low-quality products. But they use governmental rent-seeking. The car manufacturers themselves are not fair. They don’t say that now that they have the government support, they should be fair enough to increase the quality of their products. And the government doesn’t implement supervision. It can be said that Standard Organization, Industry Ministry, and car manufacturers are all in it together. Because of our domestic cars, more than 25,000 people lose their lives each year.

We somehow looked into statistics of Legal Medicine Organization. It can be said that they are manufacturing statistics. They don’t include foreign citizens such as Afghans in the statistics. Let’s say, for example, two cars have an accident, fall from over a bridge and their passengers lose their lives. Then they say that these people died because of falling into the river, and it has nothing to do with the accident. Car manufacturers and the industries don’t say anything in this regard.