Brainwashing children in the Iranian Islamic Republic!

[Brainwashing and indoctrinating children has always been one of the priorities of Islamic Republic of Iran – something that is against free education, as all international charters stress that children should receive education in a free environment devoid of ideological or military pressure. In this so-called “revolutionary song” performed in front of Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, the children are singing a song that is imbued with hatred, death, war, blood, self-sacrifice, the regime’s ideological values, etc.]

Since childhood, I have been a servant of this family,

Like Habib Mazaher, I am a defender of the shrine.

I will rise to defend the shrine,

I will accompany the army of lovers of Imam Hossein.

If the sanctity of this door is violated,

Or if the road to Karbala is closed,

I will so attack the occupiers of Shaam

That all their beings will be shattered.

I have a decree from Najaf’s king to defend the shrine,

And at the order of my leader, I am ready to sacrifice myself.

The goal isn’t just liberating Iraq and Syria,

My path is through Aleppo, but my goal is Quds.

I am not worried about separation from friend and homeland,

By God’s order, I am wearing shroud on the path of love.

Flying from cage doesn’t require wings and feathers,

Love is needed for flying, and that’s what I have.

I am not scared of mentioning shrine of Zeinab,

I think of nothing but Hossein, son of Fatemeh.

May God never separate me from this house’s door,

I will forever beg at this house’s door.

Bloodlines around the shrine are from my blood,

I am like a pond; my stagnation is my death.

I will walk on foot from Mashhad to Shaam;

Right now, I feel like the shrine’s doves.