Valentine’s Day against Iranian Islamic revolution!

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, propagandist for the Iranian regime and member of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution

[Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, the propagandist for the Iranian regime and member of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, claims the west is using the Valentine’s Day against Islam and the Iranian revolution.]

Rahimpour Azghadi: As for Valentine Day, I once studied it. Valentine was a priest, he was religious, and he belonged to the late medieval church. (This person has found three Valentines and says they were killed. All three of them are suspicious.) As for that real Valentine which is the day of love, it is exactly in defense of marriage and against bachelorhood and adultery. That is its legitimate reading.

Please pay attention to these things. They use these things to create discourses against Islam and the revolution. In reality, it wasn’t like this and couldn’t be like this. They say Valentine was a priest in the Roman army. The soldiers in the Roman army did not fight well with Iranian army. And they were sometimes defeated. They asked for the reason. They said those who had wives and children didn’t fight well. They said they had to divorce their wives, and, from then on, only those who were single had to be recruited. The soldiers were not allowed to marry for several years until the end of the war.

So they had to go and have relationship – adultery, girlfriends and such things. Or they had to stay under emotional and sexual pressure. They say Valentine was a priest who secretly married boys and girls and said the marriage vows for them. And that is why Roman empire killed him. There are 7 or 8 narratives, and this one is the most famous one. None of them is documented. He said no to adultery and no to bachelorhood, “come to me and I will say the marriage vows for you”. He must have been a basiji and belonged to his neighborhood Basij! Then they changed it to this. They changed everything to “discourse against”. While all these things must be scientifically and accurately studied.