The United States “moral failings”!

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

In this Iranian regime propaganda video from the office of the Supreme Leader Khamenei, a Khamenei speech about the ‘moral failings’ of the USA is spliced with footage depicting social deprivation, police brutality and gun crime to suggest that these are representative of American life. The far greater social deprivation and systemic, officially sanctioned brutality of all the Iranian regime’s police and security forces are, of course unmentioned. The Iranian leader also condemns the widespread gun ownership in the USA, suggesting that this is connected to the power of the gun lobby and military industrial complex which, he asserts, are so all-powerful that even the president dare not oppose them. Khamenei concludes by suggesting that the USA is suffering in this way due to lacking the “spiritual ideals” which he professes to represent.

“Today the gaps deficiencies and frailties of the foundation are being unfolded in Western civilization. In the lives of the youth and the families being deviated into all kinds of moral, mental and practical deviations [the video cuts to scenes of social deprivation in the USA]. Today, these are revealed, disclosed. I read a couple of days ago that more than 100 people lose their lives by homicide every week in the U.S., not by the police but by themselves! Of course, the police crimes in the U.S. are another matter [here we see scenes of police brutality from the USA]. The accessibility of guns leads to homicide; it has created problems for a country like the U.S.; everyone admits, fears and is concerned about it, but no-one dares apply the obvious cure and solution to it. What’s that solution? It’s to make guns illegal. This is the cure [the video cuts to footage of US gun shows and shops with an array of automatic weapons, handguns, machine guns, etc.]. Gun companies are so powerful and dominant that House representatives and U.S. Senators don’t dare pass prohibition of guns, and the U.S. President dares not speak out and rise against it

. This means corruption

. Corruption means domination of a mafia greedy for power and wealth in a way that a massive political and military system like the U.S. dares not stand up for the prohibition of guns – which is clearly a very good act. These are due to lack of spiritual ideals, leading to this point.”