South Pars field will achieve gas sustainment for Iran

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that Iran no longer needs to import any gas from neighboring nations since the country has almost doubled the gas production level from the South Pars field in the past four years, meaning it is able to fully meet domestic demand.

Speaking to reporters following the weekly cabinet meeting in Tehran, Rouhani said, “Gas production at the South Pars field over the past four years has gone from 285 million cubic meters to 555 million cubic meters, almost doubling the amount. This year we didn’t need to purchase gas from another country where they tend to be changeable or increase the price.

We’ve inaugurated five phases of petrochemical projects in the current Iranian year (ending on March 20), and five more petrochemical complexes will be inaugurated in 2018. This is certainly a process that is moving towards economic prosperity. Our exports have shown growth above a five percent level, meaning they’ve grown in value over the last year

Our import figures are a little higher, i.e. the proportion of exports to imports is slightly different from that of the previous year; however, when I reviewed the micro-statistics some of the statistics are excellent – for example, in petrochemical we showed around one million dollars so we have exported less, and we should be happy about it since this one million dollar, instead of exporting it, we have allocated it for downstream (manufacturing) productions which means we increased production.”