“Govt’s duty is to teach faith and piety”!

Ali Khamenei, Iranian regime supreme leader

In this recent speech to senior Iranian regime officials including President Hassan Rouhani, the country’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, tells them that the primary duty of all government officials and branches of government, including educational departments and media, is to “teach faith and piety” to the people. Khamenei particularly stresses the importance of using all forms of media as a means of inculcating this religious devotion.

In this excerpt from his speech, Khamenei tells the assembled regime officials, “The duty of government officials, including the executive, the judiciary, the legislature and the religious scholars, is to teach faith and piety to the people; teaching patience and benevolence means that benevolence will spread among people and believers.

In this area, most importantly, are agencies that, through planning will be able to carry out this task. We have a great organization called the Department of Education We have another huge organization called the higher educational system, and also have a great organization called the Radio and Television Organization. So this task can be carried out through educational and instructional planning in schools, universities, and mosques; in Musallas [open spaces outside mosques, mainly used for praying] where Friday prayers are heard; in missionary pulpits where sermons are delivered, and especially in places where there is a wider scope, as I said earlier, such as radio and television.

This is one of the tasks of the radio and television broadcasting departments and it is also the duty of those who have large numbers of listeners like I the humble one, or likewise the president and others as the people hear their words, in addition to the famous religious, scientific and political figures whose words are heard by the people. Therefore, all the concerned departments must focus their aim on achieving the aforementioned educational tasks”.