Hardline principlist slams Rouhani over military budget!

Conservative lawmaker Javad Karimi-Ghodousi

 [In this footage, conservative lawmaker Javad Karimi-Ghodousi slams Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for not allocating the budget to armed forces to be spent on Iranian missile program.]

 Javad Karimi Ghodousi: The west tells us that in the world each country must have one army, but you have two. You must eliminate IRGC. Then Chief of Staff for Armed Forces of Iran, Major General Bagheri, writes a letter to Mr. Rouhani and asks for allocation of budgets of armed forces, saying,

or there will be problems. The letter of such a person – Chief of Staff for Armed Forces of Iran – who is not less than the president, if not bigger than him. The letter gets to the president. What should Mr. Rouhani write under the letter of Chief of Staff for Armed Forces of Iran?

[He should have written] “Mr. Noubakht, pay attention to the letter of Chief of Staff for Armed Forces of Iran. It is very important and let me know the result.” He should have written this. And it is his legal duty as well. What does he write instead? (This is a document I am reading for you.) Under the letter written by Major General Bagheri on January 13,

the president – secretary of Supreme National Security Council – writes: “the budget of armed forces, according to the constitution, must be separated from the budget of strange squandering of the so-called cultural and propagandist groups.

A large part of armed forces’ budget, instead of being spent on defending the country, is spent on vilifying the government which is legally and by sharia haram.” It means that “you get the budget for bolstering the missile but instead spend it on propagandist groups to vilify us”.

Your performance vilifies you, not people like me, or speeches in the parliament, or spontaneous cultural groups. There is no need for spending money. We are worried. The government belongs to the people. The government is a part of Islamic regime.

We are talking about these issues with bleeding hearts. It is difficult for us to respond to the president. But why do you, Mr. Rouhani, take such positions? This budget is given to Brigadier General Hajizadeh, Fadavi, Khakpour and others to be spent on defense, and they give it to a propaganda group to vilify you?

Chief of Staff for Armed Forces announced it officially in National Security Commission that due to not giving the allocations, producing missiles had stopped. Then we passed the legislation for confronting the U.S., and we allocated 1,000 billion tomans. We gave it to them, and we restarted it [missile production].

Members of the board of directors of Integration Commission in the Parliament that ratified 2018 budget explained to me that they had gone to Mr. Rouhani in president’s office. Rouhani had said, “I can’t pay salaries to two armies in the country – IRGC and the army, those who are working and those who are retired.” That is strange! They too tell us that we should eliminate one of the two armies! These are four demands that I have told you so far.