Khamenei urges Iranians to avoid “false rumors”

In this recent address, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, referring obliquely to recent anti-regime protests, suggests that the protesters’ complaints and reports of regime wrongdoing are “false rumors” spread by Iran’s enemies, usually a reference to the USA and/or Israel in an effort to change public opinion, which he asserts is a factor in the regime’s “national authority.” Khamenei urges Iranian citizens to refrain from believing or spreading “false rumors” unless there’s evidence to substantiate the reports or they are based on “logical and rational content.”

“Nowadays, one of the most important means of our enemies is spreading rumors.  As I mentioned before, the public opinion is a factor of national authority. What do they [enemies] do to alter this opinion? They lie! They spread false rumors! Firstly, you don’t [shouldn’t] broadcast these rumors and lies. Meaning we hear a baseless [item of] news and spread it here or there. Well, this is exactly what your enemies want. Just don’t do it (without research).  We should not repeat the rumors spread by them. Secondly, we shouldn’t believe them unless we find strong evidence, or it’s logical and rational content.

It should be pointed out that, amongst other things, Khamenei has previously called sexual equality a “Zionist plot”, though he failed to provide any “logical and rational content” or evidence of any kind to substantiate this typically imaginative claim.