Hamid Baghaei, vice president of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The clash of Baghaei and the Judiciary

[In this footage, Hamid Baghaei, vice president to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, slams the head of Iranian judiciary Sadegh Larijani.]

Hamid Baghaee: Somebody who has done nothing for the revolution and hasn’t suffered for the country has now become like a nanny kinder than the mother! Someone who has been a mother and has grown a child understands very well, and if there are any mistakes, she really cares. Other than this, it isn’t logical. I have said it again and again that the establishment means velayat-e faqih [Jurist Leadership], it means the supreme leader, it means the people and the republic. Then Mr. Sadegh Larijani says, “It [the establishment] is me!” Says who? Who says the judiciary system is the establishment? If someone criticizes him, then has he offended the establishment?

It is ridiculous. Everything has become upside down.

–Among all these, they say Mr. Mashaee is anti-establishment. If he has said anything or done anything, it should be explained where and what.

Hamid Baghaei: Is it right if an investigator who claims he is a believer calls Mr. Mashaee an animal? Is this morality? Do you have any religion? There is a hadith by the Prophet that says, believers never use abusive language

It shows that there is no faith involved. Should you call a human being, no matter what his crime or violation is – an animal? You are an investigator in the prosecutor office for cultural issues. Then one should ask what is happening in other prosecutor offices. So probably in prosecutor office for drug crimes they say much worse things. You must be exemplary, you must be a model. Then you call other people animals? That is interesting! One should laugh at all this. Then these people are in the prosecutor office saying we want to protect culture! 

There must be someone to deal with you! When someone is shy and quiet, you shouldn’t take advantage. Of course, it’s natural. When the first deputy to chief justice [Mohseni E’jei] whistles in meetings, it is natural then that the investigator should insult and use offensive language. Naturally, they take someone to the prison and then they say that he killed himself with his own shirt sleeves! 

Well, I don’t know if someone can kill himself with his own shirt sleeves. I haven’t seen anything like that at all. But this too will pass. The revolution doesn’t mean that anyone can do anything he wants.

–Eventually, the supreme leader will hear of these issues. If not today, then tomorrow.